Garland Strong Principal

Garland Strong

Garland Strong has over 30 years experience in the plastic industry. He spent 8 years as the President and General Manager of Doskocil Mfg. and affiliated companies (Injection molding, structural foam, compounding; 180mm revenue).

* Mr. Strong’s primary career focus has been on procurement of raw materials for processing companies, category management of packaging, plastics for consumer product companies, and other end user corporations. Mr. Strong has more than 36 years of operational and leadership experience in the plastics industry. Under Mr. Strong’s leadership Resin Technology has grown through strategic partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, and unique service offerings.

* Prior to establishing RTi, Mr. Strong was with Doskocil Manufacturing Company. He was the Sales and Marketing Executive Vice President for 12 years and President for 8 years. Doskocil is the largest plastic manufacturer and marketer in the pet industry and the leader in their field with products in the sporting goods and hardware markets. Mr. Strong led the company into the big box retailer market with innovative new products. Mr. Strong acquired two companies, Bedrock International and Woodstream Corporation Sporting Goods to help fuel an average annual growth of over 20% during his 20 years tenure.

* Plastic resin became a focus of Mr. Strong early on at Doskocil because it represented 62% of the cost structure. Identifying resin as the key strategic basis for profitability enabled Doskocil to increase EBITDA from an average of 6% to 18% through this focus and the establishment of a vertically integrated company, Spectrum Polymers. Spectrum Polymers produced prime grade resin for Doskocil from industrial scrap to substantially lower its resin cost.

* At RTi, he has grown the company into a global provider of services for Fortune 500 companies. He, along with Bill Bowie and Andy VanPutte comprise the leadership of RTFG.

* Mr. Strong leverages his in depth knowledge of plastics and finance to partner RTFG with major global companies.