Bill Bowie Principal

Bill Bowie

Bill Bowie is a Co-Founder and C.O.O. of RTi. He has over 25 years’ of exclusive focus on the plastics industry. He spent 8 years as President and General Manager of Spectrum Polymers (Compounding, 120 mm lbs., $28 mm revenue) and 6 years as the Resin Manager at Poly America (Compounding, 400mm lbs.). Bill is considered a leading expert in the resin and polymer marketplace and is regularly quoted in major plastics industry publications and very active in the local community.

Engagement Experience

* Co-founded and led the business case development of Resin Technology NA and Resin Technology Europe. Spent the last 15 years recruiting and hiring the very best talent in the Plastics Industry both from the procurement/processor industry and the producer/resin manufacturing business. Has continued to lead in the evolution of Resin Technology’s core deliverables while maintaining the valuable services offered to clients since inception.

* Created new system for efficient manufacturing of compounded products through physical plant design, machine utilization, and product development. Worked with engineering to install additional capacity increasing from 26mm/pounds per year to 55mm/pounds per year resulting in over $5 million of annual savings.

* Led the business case development, design, installation, and operation of 120mm pound compounding facility through which profitability was achieved in less than 1 year. With complete P&L responsibility, businesses operations, product development, sales, and marketing. Resulting in product sales and client savings of over $15 million annually.

* Created and led client programs in procurement, operations, and general business disciplines for small private companies to Fortune 100 companies in a multitude of industries and processes. With a focus on clients should cost and efficient management of suppler relations which generate more than $250 million in annual savings.

* Created the process by which 100’s of processors and end user businesses effectively and efficiently drive cost out of their businesses without impacting the quality of the products or services provided by leveraging Resin Technology developed programs.

* Developed a global network of market intelligence specific to real time polymer markets and prices. Based on global relationships and those drivers impacting all polymer markets.