Andy VanPutte Principal

Andy VanPutte

Andy has over 25 years in R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain management in the plastics industry. He spent 9 years with Cryovac in R&D and Product/ Process Development, 1 year at Union Camp (now Coveris - owned by Sun Capital) in Product/ Technical Service, and 12 years with Sealed Air in Operations Management and Supply Chain/ Purchasing Management as the Director of Global Resin Sourcing.

* Has developed a comprehensive financial Resin Hedging Program for managing price volatility in PP and PE, which encompasses market tracking, forward pricing curves, feedstock–to-polymer correlations and hedging strategies.

* As Director of Global Resin Sourcing for 5 years he was responsible for purchases of over 1 billion lbs. annually and delivered cost savings of over $20 million per year while ensuring performance, quality, and supply.

* Coordinated sourcing strategies for a wide variety of Commodity & Specialty Resins: PE, EVA, PP, PS, Nylon, PET, PVdC, EVOH, Tie Layers, Additives, etc. Managed and negotiated all aspects of Supplier Agreements.

* Coauthored monthly global, regional, and Business Unit “Resin Cost Reports” that analyzed, tracked, and forecasted the future price changes and the cost impact of over 1,000 individual resins.

* Worked 8 years in Operations, managing a 50 million lb./yr. film & bag plant including production, engineering, and maintenance while he reduced operating cost by 25%, increased yield 3%, reduced downtime by 50%, and reduced labor down 17%, by using “Pellet to Pallet” process experience that includes resin conveying, blending, co-extrusion, winding/slitting, printing, and bag-making.

* Led a team responsible for new product development for a $400 million business. Expanded the product line & reengineered existing products with reduced cost materials.

* 9 years of experience in value creation through Technology, Innovation and Intellectual Property management. Holds multiple patents in high-barrier structures, water soluble and other packaging applications.