The plastics market is  highly volatile, complicated and non-transparent, but can be managed through a strategic hedging solution. If plastics compose a significant amount of your spend, and you are currently hedging other commodities, your company is a candidate for the RTFG hedging program.
The lack of transparency of resin pricing is a top concern for most end users of plastics.  Most other commodity markets, such as energy, metals and grains, are transparent, and pricing can easily be checked in the futures markets for those commodities.  Companies who currently derive price - risk management benefits from hedging other commodities will benefit from tapping RTFG's insight into the resin and plastics markets.
RTFG hedging experts draw from the deep understanding, long-term expertise and proven track record of the affiliate company, RTi, which has delivered visibility and methodology to manage volatility of the resin and plastics supply chain to clients for two decades.  RTFG synergizes your physical buy with your plastics hedging to deliver a strategic plastics hedging solution that mitigates your risk.

RTFG - Regulatory Compliance
Business entity separate from Resin Technology Inc. dedicated to Hedging Advisory Services